Pre-opening – Valloire only – Weekend of December 07 and 08

Partial opening of the Crey du Quart massif: Brive gondola, Brive 2 chairlift, Lac de la vieille chairlift and Séa ski lift.


The Galibier-Thabor skiing area is open from: 14 December 2024 to 11 April 2025


Key figures for the Galibier-Thabor skiing area:

  • Between 1430m and 2750m: 70% of slopes are located above 2000 metres in altitude,
  • 1320metres’ drop, 3 mountains, 5 mountainsides,
  • 710 snow cannons covering the whole skiing area,
  • 2 cable cars in Valloire for the 2 mountains of Le Crey du Quart and La Sétaz
  • 1 6-seat chairlift leaving from Les Verneys and 1 4-seat chairlift leaving from Le Moulin Benjamin,
  • 90 slopes for all levels – 8 black, 33 red, 32 blue and 17 green,
  • 1 snowpark on Le Crey du Quart,
  • 30 mechanical lifts, including 2 cable cars, 17 chairlifts, 10 ski lits and 1 covered conveyor.

Download the pist map ! 

  • Fun areas
    -Animal safari: A fun and amusing way to discover the skiing area, by heading off in search of 5 massive speaking wooden animal sculptures. The marmot, the chamois, the eagle, the wolf and the hare recount legends of the valley of Valloire by the sides of the area’s slopes.
    -Make music: ski to the sound of music! Look for the instruments (bells and xylophones) hidden across the area.
    -Easy park: On the Snail slope, get a gentle introduction to adrenaline with the small jumps (whoops) and sharp turns – Acces: TSF Lac de la Vieille / Piste Escargot
    -Boarder cross: Whether alone or with friends and for all ages, there are 480 m of downhill slopes to enjoy the experience of skiing while taking in an incredible view of the Vallée d’Or – Access: TSF Thimel
    -Snow Racer: 710 m of sharp bends, jumps, tunnels and surprises for everyone! Try your hand at the Snow Racer slope – Acces TSF Thimel
    -Big air bag: Thrills and spills! Take to the air with your skis strapped on and land on an inflatable cushion – Access: TK Crête
    Snowpark: Try out freestyle on the wide boxes and the mini-jumps of the medium zone or polish your style in the expert zone – Access: TK Crête
    -AVD park: Drawn to the wide open spaces and fields of virgin snow? Having your safety equipment (AVD, shovel, beacon) is essential. But do you know how to use it? In the AVD Park, located at the summit of La Sétaz, you can improve your avalanche victim search techniques with advice from our rescue trackers – Access: TSD Cornafond

    – Crazy Rocket fun ski run on the Crey du Quart,  Access TK Crête or TSD Brive 2.

  • Beginner areas – 3 spaces for improving your technique!
    Thimel Area: For all ages – get started and work on your skills with the help of our new covered conveyor – Access: TC Sétaz
    La Séa Area – Access: TC Brive
    Les Verneys Area – Access: TK Verneys


    Permanent cross-country skiing slope in the skiing area

    Les Rhodos slope = 3.2 km, 505 m drop.
    Follow the path marked in purple
    Departure: Snow front at La Sétaz / Arrival: Plateau Thimel

    Mollartot slope = 3,8 km, 630 m drop.
    Follow the path marked in purple
    Departure: Lutins slope / Arrival: Snowpark

    Geneuil slope = 3,7 km, 710 m drop.
    Follow the path marked in purple
    Departure: Village (Pontet) / Arrival: Séa

    Péré slope = 2.3 km, 370 m drop.
    Follow the path marked in purple
    Departure: Les Mérégers (Selles Slopes) / Arrival: Grand Pleateau

    Gallices slope = 2 km, 450 m drop.
    Follow the path marked in purple
    Departure: Verneys chairlift departure / Arrival: Verneys chairlift arrival

  • Professionals at your service

    In the winter, over 250 people work to ensure your comfort and safety in the Skiing Area:
    Rescue trackers: they are responsible for safety and rescue across the whole skiing area. They open and close the slopes, trigger avalanches, fit safety nets, warn of dangers and come to the aid of those at risk.
    Operating agents: they work at the departure and arrival of each ski lift and ensure that skiers get on and off safely; some of them are authorised to check, repair and carry out maintenance work on the equipment.
    Snow leveller drivers: they drive specially equipped snow levellers and maintain and shape the slopes; they work at night, outside the working hours of the skiing area.
    – Snowmakers: they are responsible for “making snow” to ensure that there is a sufficient level of good-quality snow at the resort from December to April. They keep the snow machines in good working order.
    – Reception, administrative and sales staff: also on duty 7 days a week to round off the teams and answer any of your questions about the weather and the conditions for the Skiing Area being open.