Lautaret pass - Natural Reserve of Combeynot

Lautaret pass - Natural Reserve of Combeynot


The Lautaret pass is the crossing point between the Romanche Valley and the Guisane Valley. It is also one of the lowest points on the ridge line separating the Northern Alps and the Southern Alps.

The relatively gentle slopes leading up to this mountain pass were shaped by a glacier running into the two valleys on either side. Because of its accessibility,, the Lautaret Pass has long been an important transport route between Grenoble and Briançon, as well as a route over the Alps to Italy.

The road over the Galibier Pass starts out at the Lautaret Pass. The source of Guisane River is just above the pass. The Nature Reserve of Combeynot, with an area of ​​685 hectares, covers the entire NW face of the Combeynot peaks, visible from the Lautaret Pass.

Lautaret pass - Natural Reserve of Combeynot

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