Moravia: In the library of the Prince-Bishop of Kromeriz


Far from the bustle of the Viennese court, somewhere in Moravia at the fringe of the Kingdom of Bohemia, then under Habsburg rule, there we are, in the small city of Kremsier (now Kromeriz in the Czech Republic), the residence of the Princes-Bishops of Olomouc. During his reign, from 1664 to 1695, Prince-Bishop Karl von Liechtenstein Kastelkorn, a well-read man and music lover, maintained privileged relationships with a number of musicians, notably Schmelzer, who was his musical adviser, and Biber, his first chapel master. Such was the prelate’s passion for music that he devoted considerable amounts of money to his own court music. Proof of it is a vast music collection kept in the castle library, patiently acquired from various sources, and including masses, motets, sonatas, dances and no fewer than fifty pieces for solo violin and basso continuo. Our programme takes the audience on a foray into this library, exploring whims, daydreams and meditations that go back to the second half of the 17th century.

11:00 – Concert at Valloire church
Johann Heinrich Schmelzer (c. 1620-1680)
Sonata sesta in A major for violin and bass (Unarum Fidium, Vienna, 1664)

Ignazio Albertini (1644 – 1685)
Sonata decima in E minor for violin and basso continuo (Vienna, 1683)

Ferdinand Tobias Richter (1649 – 1711)
Toccatina in D minor for solo harpsichord

Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber (1644 – 1704)
Sonata quinta a violino e basso, in E minor (Sonata, Salzburg, 1681)

12:00 – Promenade to chapelle Saint Pierre
13:00 – Picnic on the alp with the musicians
14:30 – Libre cours lecture by Gaël de Kerret: “The Holy Empire, a melting pot of music styles?”
16:00 – Promenade back to Valloire church

17:00 – Concert at Valloire church
Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber
Sonata for violin and basso continuo “Representativa” in A major

Johann Heinrich Schmelzer
Sonata quarta in D major for violin and bass (Unarum Fidium, Vienna, 1664)

Alessandro Poglietti (? – 1683)
Il Rossignolo a cembalo solo (Vienna, 1676)

Georg Muffat (1653 – 1704)
Sonata in D major for violin and basso continuo (Prague, 1676)

Hélène Schmitt, violin and direction
Bruno Helstroffer, theorbo
François Guerrier, organ and harpsichord

Moravia: In the library of the Prince-Bishop of Kromeriz