Les Sculptures du Rire #2 - Festival of Humour


3 days of shows to laugh out loud!

'Les Muses' - Play by Claire Coutire and Mathilde Le Quellec - directed by Stanislas Grassian
With Claire Couture, Amandine Voisin, Florence Coste and Mathilde Le Quellec
In a museum at night. As they do, three masterpieces:
The Mona Lisa, the Birth of Venus and the little 14-year-old dancer wake up and come out of their frames.
That evening, they discover a fourth work, Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol, which has just arrived from abroad.
They each have a very assertive personality and will have to learn to understand each other and to live together...

THURSDAY 28 MARCH - 8:45pm
'Faites l'amour avec un belge' - play by Michaël Dufour - directed by Jacques Rive
With Georgina Rildeagh and Laurent Marx
A French woman and a Belgian man form an unusual couple.
She likes football, beer, sex and doesn't slap him down the the first night.
He loves cleaning, tenderness and shopping, but that's not the worst thing, he also makes love!

FRIDAY 29 MARCH - 8:45pm
'Dérapages' - Play by Nicolas Haudelaine - directed by Stéphane Daurat-Lights Kevin Daufresne
With Nicolas Buchoux and Nicolas Haudelaine
Ready to laugh and reflect on our lives, which can slip away at any moment.
For better and sometimes for worse.
Dérapages is: A chair that becomes crazy, too much aerobics, a somewhat special psychoanalysis,
A political theatrical act, a stage manager who hasn't got a clue, a salesman at the end of the roll and a man who loves dolls.

Les Sculptures du Rire #2 - Festival of Humour