Hungary: Dances of the nations and Hungarian dances


The programme is based on a well-known suite by G. Ph. Telemann and a number of 18th to 19th-century suite-like pieces, the former representing the baroque dances of different nations, the latter reflecting the history of Hungarian dance music. Telemann’s “Les nations anciennes et modernes” begins with an unambiguously French Ouverture and two Menuets, followed by pairs of “old” and “modern” dances in German, Swedish and Danish styles. The Hungarian dances of Rózsavölgyi and Ruzicska are typical “verbunkos”, a legacy of the peculiar Hungarian tradition of recruiting with music. The manuscripts of Hungarian Dances from the early 1700s, found in Nagyszombat (now Trnava, Slovakia), contain genuine folk music melodies. The composer’s name and other information are unknown.

Georg Philipp Telemann (1681 – 1767)
Ouverture-Suite in G major TWV 55:G4
Les nations anciennes et modernes
Andante maestoso, Menuet I, Menuet II, Les Allemands anciens then modernes, Les Suédois anciens then modernes, Les Danois anciens then modernes, Les vieilles femmes

Márk Rózsavölgyi (1789 – 1848)
Ballroom dances (Balli da sala)
Verbunk (dance music of Austrian army sergeant recruiters)
Dance for Three

Ignác Ruzicska (1777 – 1833)
Slow, Fast
Adagio non molto
Allegro con rep.

Márk Rózsavölgyi
Verbunk (recruiting) from Pest (Verbunk da Pest)
Poco rubato
Allegro sempre

Hungarian Dances from Nagyszombat (suite in C major)
Hongroises (Allegro con rep.)

Hungarian Dances from the Pozsony Manuscripts (Suite in F major)
Hongroises (Allegretto)
Unger Notto
Hongroises Geschwind

Hungarian Dances from Nagyszombat (suite in D major)
Hongroises (Allegro con rep.)
Allegro con rep.

Capella Savaria
Beáta Szőke, János Császár, ZsuzsaTamás, Balázs Bozzai, Emőke Szép, Éva Kovács, violin
Gábor Rác, Dániel Molnár, viola
Csilla Vályi, cello
Tamás Lipi, double bass
Andrea Bertalan, flute
Márton Brandisz, oboe
László Feriencsik, bassoon
Rita Papp, harpsichord
Zsolt Kalló, violin and direction

Hungary: Dances of the nations and Hungarian dances

  • Opening

    • Sunday 26 July 2020.
      On July 24th at 9 pm.
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    • From € 27 to 32.