Vallon de la Lauzette

Vallon de la Lauzette

  • Distance 5.9km
  • Altitude maximum 2405m
  • Altitude minimum n/c
  • Marche 02h30
  • Dénivelé positif 20m
  • Dénivelé négatif 660m
  • Commune de départ Valloire
  • Nature du terrain Cailloux / Non adapté aux poussettes / Rocher / Terre


Come and discover this hike located on the Col du Galibier road.
You will be able to see marmots and discover an incredible flora

Provide 2 cars, leave one after Bonnenuit, at the start of Chemin de la Lauzette; then by the Galibier road, go up to Colomban Noir, 1km after the Granges du Galibier. Leave the car and take the path


- The routes you take are your own responsibility. You must choose a route adapted to your physical and technical capacity. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact mountain professionals.

- Find out about the weather conditions before your departure.

- Be properly equipped to practice hiking in complete safety and deal with the vagaries of the weather.

- Tell someone if you are leaving alone and prefer a morning departure so as not to be surprised by the night.

Vallon de la Lauzette

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    • Free of charge.