Le Clos de l'Âne - Trail itinerary

Le Clos de l'Âne - Trail itinerary


A challenging route in a setting combining mountain pastures, peaks and forest passages. On the first part (Clos de l'âne), you'll pass close to herds, so watch out for shepherds' dogs.
Duration 2h-4h

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Your security:
- Keep in mind that you are riding in mountain areas with sometimes technical trails, significant elevation where weather conditions can change quickly.
- Don't overestimate your abilities
- Check the local weather forecast before leaving / www.meteofrance.com / tel: 3250
- Anticipate and adapt your clothing according to the sectors traveled and provide a survival blanket, windbreaker and whistle.
- If you are going alone, leave information about your itinerary with those around you and make sure you have a charged mobile phone.
- Always provide a reserve of water.
- Stay on the marked paths.
- Be careful of electric fences.
- During hunting season (September to January) and near big game hunts, show your presence.
- Help: in case of emergency contact 112

Your environment:
- Respect private property.
- Do not light a fire.
- Keep your waste and bring it back.
- Respect fruit production and do not cross cultivated fields.
- Do not frighten the cattle.
- Close the park barriers after your visit.
- Respect the direction of the routes.
- Be careful and courteous when overtaking and crossing hikers.

Le Clos de l'Âne - Trail itinerary

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