Tour du Grand Galibier par le col de la Ponsonnière


This intermediate level route will take you to the Lac du Grand Ban via the Col des Rochilles.

The +: high altitude lakes, view of the Meije glacier, passage on the old Galibier road, arrival at the top of the Col du Galibier.

Unless you are in excellent physical condition, we strongly recommend that you bring two batteries for your bike.

Medium physical difficulty due to its length and its elevation, the outward journey is all uphill.


- The routes you take are your own responsibility. You must choose a route adapted to your physical and technical capacity. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact mountain professionals.

- Find out about the weather conditions before your departure.

- Be properly equipped to practice hiking in complete safety and deal with the vagaries of the weather.

Tell someone if you are leaving alone and prefer a morning departure so as not to be surprised by the night.

Tour du Grand Galibier par le col de la Ponsonnière

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