Le panoramique, itinéraire raquettes

Le panoramique, itinéraire raquettes


A magnificent itinerary with forest passages and panoramic views. You start at the Col du Télégraphe and arrive in the center of Valloire.
Ideal for a day outing with lunch outdoors (picnic or high-altitude restaurant).

The free shuttle bus serves the Col du Télégraphe (the starting point). This hike is very sunny in the afternoon. If you pay close attention, you'll see a multitude of animal tracks. Can you recognize them?

Shaded passages can become icy. Ask before you go.

Be careful when crossing piste after piste to reach the restaurant.


When hiking, a few things can make your experience more enjoyable and safer. Walking poles improve balance, crampons provide grip before you put on your snowshoes, and regular hydration is essential.

Carry a water bottle and snacks to keep your energy up. Protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen and sunglasses. Equip yourself with a pair of gloves, warm socks and warm, waterproof pants.
Pack binoculars to add a touch of observation to your adventure.

Finally, check weather conditions and avalanche risks before setting off. Inform someone of your itinerary, as communication may be limited. These small adjustments will help you make the most of your getaway.

Guidebook with maps/step-by-step

0 - Departure: take the shuttle bus to the Col du télégraphe.
1: Cross the road and head for the 3 crosses.
2: Once at the 3 crosses, take the small path on the right.
3: Follow the purple signs to Poingt Rogereuil. Watch out for the track crossing to reach the Edelweiss restaurant.
4: Arrive at l'Archaz (shuttle bus down to Valloire) or allow + 30 minutes to reach Valloire by taking off your snowshoes by road.

Le panoramique, itinéraire raquettes

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