Fly fishing in Valloire

Fishing in Valloire


Fishing in Valloire is an invitation to discover, relax and respect nature. You can fish in the Valloirette, Neuvachette and Cerces lakes.

Valloire is an ideal destination for discovering fishing. Take advantage of the wild but easily accessible banks of our two rivers. The clear waters of the Valloirette and its tributaries are home to a wide variety of fish, including fario and rainbow trout. Anglers will enjoy the many peaceful spots along the rivers, perfect for a day out in the great outdoors.

To enjoy recreational fishing on France's open waters, you need to join a fishing association (AAPPMA). In other words, you need to acquire a fishing card from an AAPPMA.


Combine fishing and hiking during your stay in Valloire with an excursion to Lac des Cerces.
Comptoir Cyrill' sells fishing permits and rents rods by the day. We even offer "ready-to-fish" rods, perfect for beginners.

Fishing in Valloire

  • Methods of payment

    • Bank/credit card
    • Check
    • Cash
  • Prices

    • Adult: 59.80 to 100 €
      Teenager (12-18 years): 20.80 to 26 €
      Day Card: 11.10 to 16 €
      Weekly Card: 21 to 35 €
      Woman discovery card: from 40 €
      Discovery card -12 years: 6 to 7 €.