1 - Les balcons de Valloire - VTTAE itinerary

1 - Les balcons de Valloire - VTTAE itinerary


This varied route, sometimes in forest, sometimes in alpine pastures, offers magnificent views of the surrounding massifs, particularly the Aiguille Noire at Les Diseurs.

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For the descent, several itineraries are possible, depending on your ability and equipment. A variation is possible as far as Fort du Télégraphe.
Technical features: wide paths.
Level of physical difficulty: easy.
Estimated duration: 2 to 3 hours.


- The routes you take are your own responsibility. You must choose a route adapted to your physical and technical capacity. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact mountain professionals.

- Find out about the weather conditions before your departure.

- Be properly equipped to practice hiking in complete safety and deal with the vagaries of the weather.

Tell someone if you are leaving alone and prefer a morning departure so as not to be surprised by the night.

Guidebook with maps/step-by-step

Start - From the tourist office, head up Rue des Grandes Alpes towards the hamlet of Les Verneys,
1/ After crossing the bridge, walk along the parking lot and take the footbridge on the left of the main road to the "Vitta Vittel" fitness trail.
2/ Once in front of the riding school, follow the wide dirt path to the right. After a short climb, you'll see the Chapelle Saint Pierre.
3/ Continue upwards and, once you've passed the Montissot chairlift, take the bridge on your left. Continue along the path and fork right to reach the Geneuil chapel, point rogerueil.
4/ At Geneuil, you'll pass a drinking-water fountain where you can quench your thirst.
5/ Continue on the uphill path, passing the Edelweiss restaurant, then follow the signs for Chapelle des Trois Croix (through the national forest).
6/ Once you've reached the chapel, turn left towards the hamlet of Col.
7/ Pass through the hamlets of Les Granges and Les Choseaux-Ville before returning to the Valloire Tourist Office. Variant possible up to the Telegraph Fort.

1 - Les balcons de Valloire - VTTAE itinerary

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