Alternative ski instructor - l'Esprit Glisse


With L'Esprit Glisse, I accompany you in the search of balance, understanding and improving movement. Experience the intuitive ski experience; connecting creative visualisation to the source: the happiness of your being.

I use personal development tools, friendly communication to control emotions. I take into account any disability cognitive, sensory disorders, autism, dyspraxia... I advise on posture, proprioception, sports nutrition, relaxation ...

Teaching and welcoming the child, in line with the Montessori, Braket and Steiner-Waldorf models, used worldwide.
Alternative methods that teach the child with kindness.

Graduated as Sports Educator 1989
NLP Training 2010
Intuitive Communication 2013.

Alternative ski instructor - l'Esprit Glisse

  • Prices

    • Individual lessons 2 hours: € 108, 5 hours: € 265
      Zenitude period 6 hours: € 265 (6/01 - 8/02, 10/03 - 19/04)