Escape games and treasure hunts

Escape games and treasure hunts


Géocamp, Escamp adventure, Bubble camp, Laser camp and Archery camp!

GEOCAMP: subtle mix between an escape game and a treasure hunt, equipped with GPS, discover the treasures of Valloire
Ideal family activity

ESCAMP ADVENTURE: an escape game to do at home, solve the puzzles to open the chests and carry out your mission
Suitable for 8 years and over according to the scenarios

BUBBLE CAMP: bubble foot, bubble games, a bumping mixture to bounce you along

LASER CAMP: a military version laser game

ARCHERY CAMP: discover this new concept combining archery and paintball, worthy of the greatest series such as 'Arrow' or 'Hunger Games'. Enter the hunters' arena and use strategize with your archers!

Escape games and treasure hunts

  • Opening

    • From 15/06 to 15/09, daily.

      From 08/12 to 20/04, daily.